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Thursday, September 15, 2016

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We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift's Cat, Meredith and more...

We Need to Talk About Taylor Swift's Cat, Meredith

taylor swift,twitter,instagram,scottish fold,meredith grey,Cats

Meredith Grey is a gorgeous Scottish Fold that doesn't seem to understand how lucky she is to be Taylor Swift's cat.

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This Picture of a Goofy Hippo Got a Photoshop Battle

list,photoshop battle,hippo

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Arthur's Severe Case of the "Zoomies" Prevents Him From Being a Good Detective

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Tagged: zoomies , dogs , twitter , funny , Video

The Artist Formerly Known as Cat

the artist formerly known as cat

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Tagged: hair , Cats

Fancy Dog Is Trained to Close Cabinets; Helps Keep the House Tidy


Submitted by: (via Belituf Pets)

Tagged: dogs , trick , Video

Proper High Tea With a British Pupper

proper high tea with a british pupper

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Tagged: dogs , cute , corgi , tea

Eight Tiny Hedgehogs Eat Dinner From the Same Plate in Adorable Video

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Tagged: Babies , facebook , hedgehog , eating , Video

These Are All the Overwatch Doggos So Far

overwatch,dogs,doge,cosplay,blizzard,cute,video games,funny

Oh my! So cosplay, such wow!

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Cat Can't Seem to Wrap Her Head Around the Concept of Fizzy Water


Why is it so... bubbly!?

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Tagged: water , confused , Cats , Video

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