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Thursday, September 1, 2016

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"Meowls" Are a Gorgeous Cat/Owl Hybrid That the Mad Scientists of the Internet Have Created and more...

"Meowls" Are a Gorgeous Cat/Owl Hybrid That the Mad Scientists of the Internet Have Created


Meowls are the amazing creature you get when you combine a cat and an owl and we kind of wish they were real. Just one question: would they Purr or Hoot? Hmm...

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Tagged: owls , photoshop , creature , hybrid , Cats , meowl

There's an Animal Shelter in Atlanta That Offers Pajama Parties With Their Adoptable Dogs


Is there anything cuter than dogs wearing jammies? The answer is no and LifeLine Animal Project knows this, which is why they encourage people to take pups home for a pajama party and a sleepover! It's just another creative way to get dogs adopted and it's totally working.

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Kitty Has the Best Time Playing in a Bathtub


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Tagged: bath , Cats , Video , playing

Watch out for "The Drooler"

watch out for the drooler

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Tagged: dogs , pug , drool , diapers , shame

If You Only Mew the Power of the Dark Side

if you only mew the power of the dark side

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Tagged: star wars , curtains , Cats , sith

Dog With a GoPro Finds a Random Stranger in the Woods


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Tagged: woods , dogs , GoPro , Video

White Rhino Calf Makes His Debut at a Zoological Center in Tel Aviv

white rhino calf makes his debut at a zoological center in tel aviv

Tupak (meaning "warrior") is the 28th Rhinoceros calf born at the Ramat Gan Safari.

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Tagged: calf , baby , rhino , zoo

The Black Sea Hare Is the Largest Slug in the World and so Incredibly Slimy


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Tagged: slimy , giant , whoa , Video , slug

Behold This Majestic Swiss Mountain Cat

behold this majestic swiss mountain cat

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