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Thursday, September 8, 2016

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Lucky Bird Gets Help for Her Twisted Feet Thanks to Some Creative Humans and more...

Lucky Bird Gets Help for Her Twisted Feet Thanks to Some Creative Humans

lucky bird gets help for her twisted feet thanks to some creative humans

California Wildlife Center recently rescued a Northern Mockingbird whose feet were knuckling, meaning she was unable to open her feet to stand or perch. This was causing the bird to have to stand on the tops of her toes which were curled under and causing her additional injury. CWC veterinary staff created "snowshoes" for the mockingbird to retrain her feet to open and allow the injuries to her toes to heal. The treatment was successful and the bird is now snowshoe-free and on the road to full recovery!

Submitted by: (via CA Wildlife Center)

Tagged: birds , feet , shoes , vet

"Stranger Pugs" Is the Stranger Things Parody You Didn't Know You Needed



Submitted by: (via Doug the Pug)

Tagged: dogs , pug , stranger things , parody , Video

This Horse Is All of Us Trying to Make the First Move

LOL! That tongue...

Submitted by: (via @barkbox)


Handle With Care

handle with care

Submitted by: (via MuffinSnatcher14)

Tagged: fragile , Cats , floof

This Lady Created the Perfect Tiny Bedroom for Her Little Doggo

dogs,Harry Potter,tiny,chihuahua,bedroom

Bless Imgur user, Fatisbac, for documenting his aunt's tiny dog room.

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Learn About the Fascinating and Strange Sleeping Habits of Animals


Submitted by: (via SciShow)

Tagged: habits , science , sleeping , Video , animals

"Black Metal Cats" is a Twitter Account of Cat Pictures Paired With Metal Lyrics and It's Dark AF

metal,twitter,lyrics,black metal,dark,Cats

Because let's be honest, cats are super metal.

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Tagged: metal , twitter , lyrics , black metal , dark , Cats

I Brought You Flowers

i brought you flowers

Submitted by: (via Raphalenthoven)

Tagged: dogs , romance , flowers

Research Unit Captures Aerial Footage of Rare White Whale Calf


Submitted by: (via MUCRU)

Tagged: footage , calf , whale , Video

I'd Like to See You Try

id like to see you try

Submitted by: (via @Friend_of_Bae)

Tagged: dogs , husky , Memes , mess

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