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Saturday, September 10, 2016

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I've Been Waiting for You and more...

I've Been Waiting for You

ive been waiting for you

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Tagged: martini , emoji , lounging , Cats

Rescued Kittens Get Adopted by a Sweet Dog Named Bitsy

adoption,kitten,happy ending,Cats,rescue

Praline, Pistachio and Coconut were rescued by the wonderful people at Naples Cat Alliance. Coconut (the white kitten) needed a little more care than her siblings, but thanks to her rescuers and her new dog-mom, Bitsy, she's getting better! You can follow their story over on Facebook.

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Street Smart Cat Knows How to Properly Use a Crosswalk


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Tagged: smart , crosswalk , Cats , Video


board birds

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Tagged: skateboarding , birds , Memes

Wait for the Wink at the End

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Tagged: cute , dogs , puppy , Video , vine , wink

Just a Pet Crab Slowly Eating a Banana


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Tagged: banana , crabs , eating , Video

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