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Friday, September 9, 2016

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It's Been a Long Week... and more...

It's Been a Long Week...

its been a long week

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Tagged: sign , whiskey , chalkboard , Cats

Didga the Skateboarding Cat Just Set a Guinness World Record

If You're Not Following Doug the Pug on Social Media, You're Not Living Your Best Life


Doug shares his hilarious adventures on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Look, we're not trying to play favorites, but he's kind of the best.

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Tagged: costume , dogs , pug , funny , instagram , pugs

Watching This Cat Hang out in a Watermelon Will Make You Feel Super Zen


Submitted by: (via かご猫 Blog)

Tagged: Cats , Video , watermelon , zen

Everyone Has That Creepy Neighbor Who's Always Watching, Right?

everyone has that creepy neighbor whos always watching right

Submitted by: (via bassets4eva)

Tagged: Cats , creepy , watching , windows

Smart Dog Learns How to Get Whipped Cream out of the Can


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , Video , whipped cream

Are You Mocking Me?

are you mocking me

Submitted by: (via hamandbread)

Tagged: lookalike , birds , banana

Ninja Cat "Combat Rolls" Away From the Camera Like a Boss

Submitted by: (via Brianna Simeone)

Tagged: Cats , Video , vine , ninja , rolling , combat roll

Who's Got Two Front Paws and Just Got Adopted? This Girl!

whos got two front paws and just got adopted this girl

Submitted by: (via Grand_Steer)

Tagged: paws , dogs , adoption

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