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Friday, September 2, 2016

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Affectionate Cat Thanks Human for Rescuing Him Hours Before He Was Supposed to Be Euthanized and more...

Affectionate Cat Thanks Human for Rescuing Him Hours Before He Was Supposed to Be Euthanized

nuzzle,affection,happy ending,Cats,rescue

Henry was saved by a wonderful woman named Adelle, who couldn't believe the "thank you" nuzzle she received in return. Adelle fosters cats for Cat Rescue Newcastle in Australia.

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The Philadelphia Zoo Is Letting the Public Name Their New Baby Gorilla (Well, Sort Of...)

the philadelphia zoo is letting the public name their new baby gorilla well sort of

The zoo knows the public can't be trusted, so in order to avoid "Gorilla McGorillaFace", the staff will be releasing a list of names for people to vote on. Do you think Harambe Jr. will be on there or nah?

Tagged: baby , name , gorilla , news , philadelphia , zoo

Are You Hungry?

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Tagged: excited , hungry , dogs , vine , chihuahua , Video

If We Fits, We Sits: Mother and Son Edition

if we fits we sits mother and son edition

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Little Dog Watches and Roots for His Favorite Soccer Team

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Tagged: dogs , twitter , soccer , football , Video

Bunny Camouflage

bunny camouflage

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Tagged: blanket , camouflage , rabbit , bunny

Sleepy Lion Cub Takes a Nap on the Floor


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Tagged: cub , naps , lion , Video

You Know Why We're Here

you know why were here

Submitted by: (via @rinacacosplay)

Tagged: dogs , Memes , Party , food

Playful Goats Use Rhinos as an Obstacle Course


Submitted by: (via Working With Rhinos)

Tagged: rhino , goats , Video

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