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Saturday, August 6, 2016

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You'll Pay for This, Human and more...

You'll Pay for This, Human


LoL by: Unknown

Tagged: costume , grumpy , Cats , hat

Puppy Loves to Nom on His Homemade Pupsicle

Submitted by: (via Puppychino)

Tagged: labrador , popsicle , puppy , lick , Video

Four Rock Hyrax Pups Recently Made Their Adorable Debut at the Chester Zoo


Submitted by: (via Chester Zoo)

Tagged: baby , zoo , rock hyrax , Video

Don't Get Caught in the Rain Without One of These Umbrellas for Your Dog That's Also a Leash


This invention is the perfect combination of crazy and brilliant! Your pup will probably be very happy to have something like this the next time there's a storm. Especially if they hate the rain. You can find them for sale on Amazon.

Submitted by:

Tagged: umbrella , dogs , leash , amazon , invention , rain

Literally Just Two Minutes of Dogs Sneezing


Very funny video how dogs sneezing. Very cool and positive video about dogs.

Submitted by: gordeiS

Tagged: dogs , compilation , Video , sneezing

Firefox Has Encountered an Error and Needs to Restart

firefox has encountered an error and needs to restart

Submitted by: (via Ree81)

Tagged: blep , fox , tongue , firefox

Tensions Are High in This Cat vs Dog Boxing Smackdown


Submitted by: Eerielai (via Furballs of Fire)

Tagged: dogs , boxing , Cats , Video

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