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Friday, August 12, 2016

We've Found the Fluffiest Dog in the World and His Name is Wonton Soup and more...

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We've Found the Fluffiest Dog in the World and His Name is Wonton Soup


No, really. That's his name. Wonton has a little brother named Miso, who is a tiny floof in training. They're both Pekingese pups and they live in Boston. SO FLUFFY!

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Oliver the Cat Loves Diving Into the Garbage Can Head First


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Tagged: diving , garbage , Cats , Video

Kitten Vending Machines are the Future

kitten vending machines are the future

$3? What a bargain!

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Dog and Guinea Pig Share a Delicious Slice of Watermelon


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When You're a Horse, but You Still Want to Look Fly

when youre a horse but you still want to look fly

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Tagged: fly , drawing , mask , horse

Let It Go, Doggo

let it go doggo

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Tagged: dogs , Memes , mad , funny

Squirrel Steals a GoPro and Takes Viewers on an Epic Adventure


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Tagged: trees , squirrel , theft , Video , go pro

All Animals Are Beautiful

all animals are beautiful

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Tagged: photogenic , Cats , funny

Watch a German Shepherd Drink Water in Slow Motion; It's Fascinating


That tongue! o.O

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