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Monday, August 29, 2016

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This Woman's Sweet Snapchat Story of Her Dog's Last Day Will Hit You Right in the Feels and more...

This Woman's Sweet Snapchat Story of Her Dog's Last Day Will Hit You Right in the Feels


If this story doesn't make you cry, you're probably a monster.

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Tagged: Sad , dogs , snapchat , goodbye , feels , sweet , rip

Magnets: How Do They Even Work?

Submitted by: (via cheese colby)

Tagged: vine , scared , magnets , Cats , Video

Otter Shows off Impressive Juggling Skills With a Rock


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: rock , juggling , otters , Video

The Tiniest Cast of All Time for a Wee Broken Arm

the tiniest cast of all time for a wee broken arm

Submitted by: (via GeorgeOnee)

Tagged: broken arm , cast , tiny , mouse

Parrot Snuggles and Cuddles With an Owl Puppet


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: snuggle , birds , Video , parrot

Talented Artist Creates Colorful Works of Art With Fake Creatures


"Mouserflies" are the combination between mice/chipmunks/squirrels and butterflies. They're gorgeous!

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Happy Dog Fulfills His Lifelong Dream of Swimming in Tennis Balls


Submitted by: (via Andres & Natalie M)

Tagged: balls , dogs , dreams , happy , Video

So That's How You Make Catnip

so thats how you make catnip

Submitted by: (via godofnarcanandasa)

Tagged: plants , catnip , Cats

Playful Panda Loves Rolling Down a Grassy Hill


Submitted by: (via Explore Bears)

Tagged: panda , rolling , Video

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