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Thursday, August 18, 2016

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This Raccoon's Haircut is Pawsitively Fabulous and more...

This Raccoon's Haircut is Pawsitively Fabulous

this raccoons haircut is pawsitively fabulous

Submitted by: (via Uni Raccoon)

Tagged: paws , haircut , raccoons

Cat Could Not Be More Confused About What to Do With a Lemon


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: lemons , confused , Cats , Video

But I Just Got Used to This One...

but i just got used to this one

Submitted by: (via chive)

Tagged: dogs , Memes , iphone

Learn Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About the Capybara


That music tho...

Tagged: capybara , facts , Video

Forget Cardboard Boxes, Garbage Cans Are the New Must Have Item for Cats


Just a bunch of cute pictures of cats hanging out in the trash.

Submitted by:

Tagged: trash , boxes , garbage , Cats , funny

Tiger Playfully Attacks Leopard Before It Can Sneak Up on Their Handler


Submitted by: (via VideoFads)

Tagged: leopard , attack , tiger , Video

Dachshunds and Meerkats Are Basically Cousins

dachshunds and meerkats are basically cousins

Submitted by: (via arbroath)

Tagged: dogs , meerkat , dachshund , TV

Evil Cone of Shame Prevents Poor Dog From Reaching His Ball


Submitted by: (via America's Funniest Home Videos)


I Can Has Microscope?

i can has microscope

Submitted by: (via @EmrgencyKittens)

Tagged: snapchat , science , Cats , funny

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