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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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This Bengal Cat's Beautiful Pattern Makes Him Worthy of the Name Thor and more...

This Bengal Cat's Beautiful Pattern Makes Him Worthy of the Name Thor


Thor lives in Belgium with his human, who posts gorgeous photos of him on Instagram.

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Duke the Dog Re-Elected as Mayor for the Third Year in a Row

duke the dog re elected as mayor for the third year in a row

Submitted by: (via @EEdythe8)

Tagged: dogs , news , mayor , newspaper

Pet Groomers Can Be so Savage

pet groomers can be so savage

Submitted by: (via @mchdabch)

Tagged: naked , twitter , haircut , mole , groomer , Cats

The Best Dog in the World Award Goes to This Pup That Can Scratch His Human's Back


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , scratch , back , Video

He's Not Even Remotely Sorry

hes not even remotely sorry

Submitted by: (via Hollygrill)

Tagged: dogs , remote , chew toy

Timo Could Not Care Less About Pokémon GO


Submitted by: (via Xiedubbel)

Tagged: Pokémon , Cats , Video

Bird or Watermelon?

bird or watermelon

Submitted by: (via GallowBoob)

Tagged: birds , watermelon

An Interactive Art Exhibit for Dogs Just Opened in London and It's Tail-Waggingly Good


Submitted by: (via ODN)

Tagged: dogs , art , London , exhibit , interactive , Video

Pupper Has a Pepper

pupper has a pepper

Submitted by: (via bikepsycho)


There's Something Really Epic About Watching a Cat Listen to Classical Music


Submitted by: (via My cat Khaleesi)

Tagged: Cats , Video , classical music

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