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Thursday, August 4, 2016

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Someone Dyed Their Dog to Look Like Pikachu and the Internet Is Not Happy and more...

Someone Dyed Their Dog to Look Like Pikachu and the Internet Is Not Happy

Unfortunately we don't have a lot of answers when it comes to this video. The Facebook user that posted it claims that it's not his dog and we don't know if the people that dyed the pup used pet safe products or not. PETA obviously isn't happy about it and judging by the comments on the video itself, neither are most people.

Submitted by: (via Elihudi Justin Urassa)

Tagged: dogs , Pokémon , dye , facebook , pikachu , Video

This Teen's Wild Squad Knows When to Show Up For the Best Snacks


After befriending Money, this teen got a whole Deer squad to do what we all do: shoot hoops and eat snacks.

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Tagged: twitter , list , deer , food , Video , animals , win

Much Wall. So Peekaboo. Wow.

dogs,peekaboo,doge,Japan,shiba inu,wall

These silly Shiba Inu siblings love sticking their heads out of this wall, much to the delight of people walking by. Oh, Doge!

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Tagged: dogs , peekaboo , doge , Japan , shiba inu , wall

Human, Could You Stop?

Submitted by: (via inflammatoryfalcon)

Tagged: pets , dont , stop , Cats , Video

Netflix Accidentally Made a Meme by Adding Aziz Ansari's Standup Captions to a Nature Show

list,standup,aziz ansari,caption,animals,image

Who knew that a Tibetan fox could be so relatable.

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Catching an Adorably Cute Pokémon is the Best Excuse For Being Late

Submitted by: (via Goubtube)

Tagged: dogs , Pokémon , pokemon go , puns , cute , Video , dating

Super Kitty!

super kitty

Submitted by: (via aotc)

Tagged: costume , superheroes , Cats

Are You Crazy?

are you crazy cat meme

Submitted by: (via dumpaday)

Tagged: driving , Memes , Cats

Mini Pig Has an Adorable Case of the Zoomies

Submitted by: (via lnfinity)

Tagged: zoomies , gifs , pig , cute , miniature , playing

Some Dogs Will Stop at Nothing to Catch Their Tail

some dogs will stop at nothing to catch their tail

Submitted by: (via YisraelCliff)

Tagged: dogs , tail , lol , upside down

Hang out With Brave Wilderness and the Smallest Anteater Ever


Submitted by: (via Brave Wilderness )


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