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Sunday, August 14, 2016

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Some Memes Write Themselves and more...

Some Memes Write Themselves

some memes write themselves

Submitted by: (via deathandtaxesmag)

Tagged: news , wtf , headline , Memes , turtle , hamburger

Mating Manatees Caused Traffic Problems in Florida Because Of Course


Submitted by: (via ABC Action News)

Tagged: news , manatee , Video , traffic



LoL by: Greencliff

Tagged: meme , Cats

Dog.exe Has Encountered a Problem

Submitted by: (via nipsofthenorth1337)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , borked , stairs

There's so Much Going on in This Photo

theres so much going on in this photo

Submitted by: (via Rach0s)

Tagged: birds , pig , farm

Literally Just Three Minutes of a Cat Grooming Himself


This is Buddy. He lives in an animal shelter in Germany.

Submitted by: Snake73

Tagged: grooming , licking , Cats , Video

Good Morning, Duck!


LoL by: Memes.Monster

Tagged: duckling , duck , quack , caption

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