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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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Seattle Artist Reimagines Her Favorite TV Show Characters as Cats and more...

Seattle Artist Reimagines Her Favorite TV Show Characters as Cats

Mad Max,parks and recreation,art,Game of Thrones,tv shows,stranger things,characters,jessica jones,Cats

If you like Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, Stranger Things, and Jessica Jones then you should definitely be able to appreciate these adorable art prints of cats starring as your favorite characters.

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The Thuglife Sphynxies Make Their Music Video Debut


We can't stop watching the amazing videos from Piramide Cattery. Have you seen this bubble bath one? So relaxing. But our favorite might just be the "thug life" sphynxies, because... well.. those wigs! 

Submitted by: (via Pavel Khliupin)

Tagged: beanie , wig , thug life , sphinx , Cats , sphynx , Video

Flight Attendant Gets Adopted by a Stray Dog and Decides to Return the Favor

adopt,dogs,flight attendant,happy ending,stray,rescue

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Hero Dolphin Steals a Woman's iPad and Then Laughs About It

Submitted by: (via PikachuSquarepants)

Tagged: dolphin , ipad , stealing , gifs , funny

I've Lost Two Pounds, Thanks for Noticing

ive lost two pounds thanks for noticing

Submitted by: (via mattbellassai)

Tagged: dogs , fat , Memes , working out

Zeus the Stubborn Husky Loves His New Car so Much That He Refuses to Get out of It


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: tantrum , dogs , stubborn , husky , cars , Video

What Are You Looking At? I Meant to Do This.

what are you looking at i meant to do this

Submitted by: (via corporation-cats)

Tagged: blinds , stuck , Cats

Miniature Donkey Enjoys a Relaxing Afternoon in a Hammock


Submitted by: (via ViralHog )

Tagged: hammock , donkey , miniature , Video

This Pup Has Some Very Impressive Diving Skills

Submitted by: (via Shady_Slim)

Tagged: dogs , jump , gifs , dive , swimming , pool

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