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Monday, August 22, 2016

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Mo Money Mo Puurblems and more...

Mo Money Mo Puurblems

pole dancing,pole,Cats

Submitted by: (via @shadow_scuba)

Tagged: pole dancing , pole , Cats

This Dog Loves Ice More Than You've Ever Loved Anything

Submitted by: (via Caitlyn Holton Moore)

Tagged: dogs , vine , ice , love , Video

Bramble, the Deer, Thinks He's a Dog


Submitted by: (via SWNS TV)

Tagged: dogs , pets , deer , Video

You Expect Me to Wear This in Public?

you expect me to wear this in public?

Submitted by: (via Drakyo)

Tagged: sweater , caption , Cats , sphynx

Curious Hamster Explores a Level of Super Mario Bros


Submitted by: (via yutako55)


Cat Wearing a Towel Gets Photoshopped Into Some Pretty Weird Situations

towel,photoshop,photoshop battle,Cats,weird

Submitted by:


This Cat Really Hates Donald Trump


Submitted by: (via Aaron Rift)

Tagged: donald trump , Cats , Video

Say Cheese, Pupper!

say cheese pupper

Submitted by: (via raven)

Tagged: dogs , snapchat , cheese , smile

Dog Finds a Way to Get His Football out of the Pool Without Getting Wet


Submitted by: (via laurenleigh29)

Tagged: dogs , pool , floats , football , Video

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