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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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Four Dogs, Two Ducks, and a Cat All Live Together as One Big Happy Family and more...

Four Dogs, Two Ducks, and a Cat All Live Together as One Big Happy Family


Kasey has her very own pack of misfits. There's the dogs: Roxy, Edith, Rose, and Jake. The cat: Mia. And even a couple of ducks that hang out from time to time. The whole family loves to go on hikes together and wear matching outfits. And yes, they're all rescues!

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Tagged: dogs , pack , ducks , cute , family , Cats , rescue

Can You Spot the Cat in This Photo?

can you spot the cat in this photo

If you're totally stumped after 30 seconds, go to the comment section of this post.

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"Man, I Make This Banana Peel Look Good" -Iguana, Probably

man i make this banana peel look good iguana

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Cola the Rescue Dog is So Incredibly Happy About His New Prosthetic Legs

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The Struggle Is Real for This Cat Trying to Walk up a Slide

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Tagged: twitter , slide , struggle , Cats , Video

Watching This Footage From the Canterbury Park Corgi Races Will Make Your Doggone Day


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Tagged: racing , race , corgi , Video

Nature Can Be Really Weird Sometimes

nature can be really weird sometimes

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Tagged: nature , birds , seagull , weird

JoeJoe the Capybara Loves Hanging Out in His Swimming Pool



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Tagged: capybara , summer , swimming , pool , Video

This Opportunity Comes Once in a Lifetime

this opportunity comes once in a lifetime

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Tagged: dogs , spaghetti , eminem , Memes

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