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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

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Charlie Is a Strong, Independent Chicken and He'll Wear Pants if He Wants To and more...

Charlie Is a Strong, Independent Chicken and He'll Wear Pants if He Wants To

Some people will cry "animal abuse", but according to Charlie's owner, he loves his pants!

Submitted by: (via Debra Snodgrass)

Tagged: chicken , pants , charlie , facebook , funny , Video

Super Chill Dog at the Beach Gets a Fantastic Photoshop Battle

cool,dogs,beach,photoshop battle,chill

Your new goal in life should be trying to reach this level of effortless cool.

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Get to Know the Feral Cats of San Juan, Puerto Rico


Submitted by: (via Felines of New York)

Tagged: puerto rico , feline , Cats , Video

Tacky School Photos Are Greatly Improved With Dogs

tacky school photos are greatly improved with dogs

Submitted by: (via 50GramsOfWhey)

Tagged: dogs , photoshoot

If "Psycho" Were Made Today...

Submitted by: (via Laura Boulding)

Tagged: psycho , vine , attack , shower , bath , Cats , Video

Amur Leopard Cubs Make Their Adorable Debut at the Twycross Zoo


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: leopard , zoo , cubs , Video

He's Fabulous!


LoL by: gypsycat9

Tagged: Barbie , boots , lizard , caption

This Compilation Proves That Cats Are the True Masters of Parkour


Submitted by: (via The Pet Collective )

Tagged: parkour , compilation , Cats , Video

Try Not to Be Jealous of This Hamster's Collection of Sweet Rides


Submitted by:

Tagged: ride , toys , cars , hamster

Hero Rescues Woman and Her Dog From a Sinking Car in Louisiana


Submitted by: (via Trend Mania)

Tagged: dogs , Louisiana , Video , flood , rescue

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