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Monday, August 8, 2016

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Celebrate International Cat Day With This List of Our Favorite Internet Cats and more...

Celebrate International Cat Day With This List of Our Favorite Internet Cats


August 8th is International Cat Day which basically just means it's an entire day dedicated to cats. We're not quite sure how that's different from any other day of the year, but we'll use any excuse to celebrate!

Who's your favorite "internet cat"? Did they make the list?

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Tagged: internet , famous , Cats

Twitter Has No Chill When It Comes to the Tiny Dik-Dik

dik dik,twitter,jokes,antelope,no chill,tweets

One of Twitter's trending "Moments" today is the pint-sized antelope, Dik-Dik. Some people are freaking out because it's the first time they've seen this adorable animal, but most are just using it as an excuse to make the same dick joke.

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Marathon Runner Befriends Stray Dog During a Race in China


Dion Leonard met Gobi(the dog) while competing in a difficult race in the Tian Shan mountain range. For whatever reason, Gobi was drawn to Dion and wouldn't leave his side for several days. The two clearly share a special bond and now Dion hopes to adopt Gobi and bring her home to Scotland. He's even started a crowdfunder campaign to help cover the expensive trip. Here's hoping these two will be reunited very soon!

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Tagged: adopt , dogs , China , friends , running , marathon , stray

Hungry Parrot Asks for a Very Specific Vegetable Snack


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Tagged: broccoli , Video , parrot

Fur Babies

fur babies

Submitted by: (via pricklylegs)

Tagged: baby , clothes , Cats

Husky Imitates Baby Trying to Speak in This Precious Video


Submitted by: (via Tom Cammarata)

Tagged: dogs , baby , husky , talking , Video

"You Are Dog Now" is a Hilarious Twitter Account That Will Happily Find Your Dog Doppelgänger


If you want to be turned into the better dog version of yourself, go follow YADN on Twitter.

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Some Say He's Still Trying to Catch That Red Ball to This Day

Submitted by: (via ZombieAttacker)

Tagged: dogs , FAIL , gifs , ball , clumsy

Our Favorite Album of All Time

our favorite album of all time

Submitted by: (via @EmrgencyKittens)

Tagged: Music , album , meow , Cats

Cat Gets Her Head Stuck in a Yogurt Container


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Tagged: stuck , yogurt , Cats , Video

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