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Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Artist Creates Incredible 3D Animal Sculptures Using Recycled Plastic and more...

Artist Creates Incredible 3D Animal Sculptures Using Recycled Plastic


Her name is Sayaka Ganz and her style is called "3D Impressionism". Super cool, right?

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He's Going Places


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Tagged: homework , dogs , meme , funny , space

Twin Sisters, Iriss and Abyss, Are Cats With Stunning Heterochromic Eyes


These gorgeous ladies live in Russia with their human and share all of their adventures on Instagram.

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Much Float. So Swim. Wow.


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Kitten Manages to Sleep Through a Turtle Chomping on Her Jellybean Toes

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Tagged: paws , toes , gifs , kitten , tortoise , turtle , noms

The Oldest Living Orca on the Planet Was Recently Photographed for the First Time in Years


Granny was seen swimming with her family of Orcas (J Pod) off the coast of San Juan Island in Washington State.

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Sphynx Kittens Take a Fabulous Bubble Bath in This Artsy Video

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Tagged: art , kitten , bath , bubble bath , sphinx , Cats , sphynx , Video

Being Colorblind is Ruff

being colorblind is ruff

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Tagged: dogs , chameleon , colorblind

Big Dog Tries to Ignore Puppy That Wants to Play but Eventually Gives In


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Tagged: dogs , Video , playing

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