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Friday, July 29, 2016

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Try Not to Squee at These Adorable Tiger Cubs and more...

Try Not to Squee at These Adorable Tiger Cubs

Tagged: tigers , zoo , cute , tiger , cubs , Video

A New App Lets You Imagine Your Pets With Cute Mouse Ears


It's called Cymera and it's kind of amazing.

Submitted by:

Tagged: pets , ears , cute , Japan , Cats , App , mouse

Black Lab With Vitiligo Is Helping Teach Kids That Different Is Beautiful


Submitted by: (via Caters Clips)


Don't Talk to Me or My Son Ever Again

dont talk to me or my son ever again cats

Submitted by: (via hacjjk19)

Tagged: mama , kitten , Cats

You Shall Not Pass, Doge

Submitted by: (via hinaosora)


The World's Tiniest Penguin Recently Hatched at the Bronx Zoo

the worlds tiniest penguin just hatched at the bronx zoo

Submitted by: (via Julie Larsen Maher)

Tagged: tiny , penguins , zoo , hatched

Cat Lovingly Watches Over Newborn Baby


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: baby , Cats , Video

Fact: Wolves Love Watermelon

fact wolves love watermelon

Submitted by: (via RamblingMutt)

Tagged: watermelon , noms , wolf

Wait For It...

Does this look like a mental institution for cats to anyone else?

Submitted by: (via RespectMyAuthoriteh)

Tagged: gifs , Wait For It , Cats

Life Imitates Art

life imitates art dog

Submitted by: (via @CuteOverloads)

Tagged: art , dogs , painting , sitting

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