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This Puppy Picked out Her Favorite Kitten at the Shelter and They've Been Best Friends Ever Since and more...

This Puppy Picked out Her Favorite Kitten at the Shelter and They've Been Best Friends Ever Since

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From their Instagram bio: "When Raven, the Tamaskan, was a puppy, we took her to a shelter where she picked out her kitten buddy, Woodhouse." How cute is that!? And is it weird that we think they even kinda look alike?

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Fiesta the Llama's One True Love Is a Leaf Blower


Submitted by: (via The Houston Zoo)

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Old Habits Die Hard

old habits die hard

Does this cat look like Steve Buscemi to anyone else?

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Python Lets out a Huge Fart in the Bath


Who knew snakes could fart!?

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Tagged: farts , bath , python , Video , fart , snake

Vivian the Black Lab Has a Hilariously Inappropriate Instagram Account


When Vivian isn't tearing up everything in sight, she's updating her Instagram with the attitude of a sassy teenager. I mean, this is her bio: "I'm black. I poop outside. I love to tear shit up." Vivian is clearly one of a kind.

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Ollie Refuses to Be Tricked Into Retrieving His Ball From the Evil Bathtub


Submitted by: (via Kat Isabelle)

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Twinkie the Jack Russell Terrier Can Burst 100 Balloons in Under 40 Seconds


Submitted by: (via Guinness World Records )


Clever Girl

clever girl

Submitted by: (via cathumor)

Tagged: lamp , Memes , lol , Cats

Watch This Detailed Review Video Before You Decide to Get a Cat


They aren't as feature rich as the promos would have you expect but they look great!

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Tagged: parody , Cats , Video

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