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Monday, July 11, 2016

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This Cat Interrupted a Rugby Game and Gave the Internet a Photo That Was Worth Shopping and more...

This Cat Interrupted a Rugby Game and Gave the Internet a Photo That Was Worth Shopping

game,rugby,photoshop battle,match,Cats

It's not often that a majestic feline interrupts a National Rugby League match, so the appearance of this cat at Pepper Stadium in Australia was sure to make headlines. And we're so glad reddit was paying attention to the news this weekend, otherwise we might have missed it.

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Baby Beaver Enjoys Some Playtime in the Pool

Tagged: baby , beaver , pool , Video

Lil Bub Plays Her Own Version of Pokémon Go; Catches a Pikachu

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Tagged: lil bub , Pokémon , facebook , Cats , Video

Zootopia Was Super Cute, but It Was Far From Perfect


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Tagged: zootopia , movies , wrong , Video

Imprison Me Like One of Your French Girls

Maru Curiously Watches as Monkeys Try to Steal His Human's Shoe


There's never a dull moment in Maru's life, is there?

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Tagged: maru , monkey , Cats , Video

How Could You?

how could you

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Tagged: seal , tongue , Memes , food

The Difference Is Astounding

dogs,road trips,caption,Cats,space

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Tagged: dogs , road trips , caption , Cats , space

Calm Down, Pup. You are Doing Me an Annoy.

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Tagged: dogs , gifs , puppy , borked , shiba inu

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