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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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These Cats Got Caught up in the Pokémon GO Craze, Literally and more...

These Cats Got Caught up in the Pokémon GO Craze, Literally

caught,Pokémon,pokemon go,craze,Cats

Catching Pokémon is super fun by itself, but there's just something extra special about catching your cat at the same time. Which is exactly what these people did.

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Tagged: caught , Pokémon , pokemon go , craze , Cats

Only in Australia Would a Koala Break Into Someone's House and Try to Climb Their Stripper Pole

From Nikki's FB page: "For those that didnt know the story... one day i came home from work ready to dance the shitty day away when i came home to this beautiful creature who turned my whole day around!! She sat there while i talked to her and took photos and did not growl once. She wasnt so impressed with my shiny slipperey crome tree but definitely made the ladys at daisy hill koala conservation resuce day and made their staff xmas card as their first poledancing koala. I will never forget this day #‎onlyinaustralia‬"

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my first instinct when i see an animal is to say hello

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Tagged: human , Memes , caption , animals , same

Prince Michael Plays Pokémon Go Like a Boss


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Tagged: Pokémon , pokemon go , Cats , Video

Puglice Officer

Puglice Officer

Submitted by: (via @BabyAnimalPics)

Tagged: cops , dogs , pug , police

Making Air Biscuits

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Tagged: biscuits , kneading , gifs , kitten , Cats

Squirrel Outsmarts Rubber Band to Get a Delicious Peanut Treat


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: peanuts , squirrel , prank , Video

Wombat Showers Her Human With Some Very Aggressive Kisses

Submitted by: (via Wombat Awareness Organisation)

Tagged: kisses , Wombat , facebook , Video , rescue

Much Happy. So Wag. Wow.

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Tagged: dogs , doge , gifs , happy , shiba inu

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