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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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These Are the World Leaders We Deserve and more...

These Are the World Leaders We Deserve

Submitted by: (via alwicz)

Tagged: world , dogs , vine , Video , speaker , politics

This Excited Corgi Made the Perfect Face for a Photoshop Battle

dogs,list,Memes,photoshop battle

This corgi was super excited about all the treats his owner brought him. The internet couldn't help but photoshop and adorable face like this one.

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Chubby Cat Reluctantly Learns How to Play the Piano


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: piano , Keyboard Cat , Cats , Video

What Kind of Pokémon Is This?

gif sugar glider pops out of a pokeball

Submitted by: (via talkingbrick)


Athletes Pose With Puppies Ahead of the Rio Olympic Games Because... Well, We're Actually Not Sure

dogs,puppies,olympic games,athletes,Rio

Just kidding... these were actually taken from a recent People Magazine photo shoot that used adoptable dogs from animal shelters in Southern California. So, forget any drama you may have heard about the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and instead focus on these adorable puppies!

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This Cat Didn't Ask to Be a Chick Magnet, Okay?


Submitted by: (via bloodstone)

Tagged: chicks , Cats , Video

A Refreshing New Spin on the Term "Doggy Bag"

a refreshing new spin on the term doggy bag

Submitted by: (via @alexromano)

Tagged: dogs , bag , Subway

We Are Gathered Here Today to Celebrate the Love Between Mr. and Mrs. Llama

mr and mrs llama wedding

Submitted by: (via @mcclure111)

Tagged: llama , wedding , couple

When You Realize You're Not Sitting Next to a Rock

Submitted by: (via TurboMuffin)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , surprise , corgi , turtle

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