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Saturday, July 23, 2016

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The Little Purrmaid and more...

The Little Purrmaid

the little purrmaid

Submitted by: (via catasters)

Tagged: sand , Cats , mermaid

Middle School Students Used 3D Printer Technology to Help a Penguin Walk Again


Submitted by: (via 3D Systems)

Tagged: aww , penguins , 3D printing , Video

Your Camera Roll vs What You Actually Post

your camera roll vs what you actually post

Submitted by: (via Marit90)

Tagged: pose , photos , camera , Cats , faces

German Shepherd Can't Help but Howl Along to His Favorite Movie


Submitted by: (via HydraDelDiablo)


The Deer at Nara Park in Japan Bow to Say Thanks for Treats

Submitted by: (via SkidMark_wahlberg)

Tagged: gifs , bow , deer , Japan

Who Is This?

who is this

Submitted by: (via thehedgehogsdilemma)

Tagged: dogs , caption , groomer

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