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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

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Taking Your Dog for a Walk Has Never Been More Fun, Thanks to Pokémon Go and more...

Taking Your Dog for a Walk Has Never Been More Fun, Thanks to Pokémon Go

fun,dogs,Pokémon,pokemon go,walks

Everyone is obsessed with Pokemon Go right now, even dogs! Though, we're pretty sure they're only in on it for the extra walks. Shout out to our friends over at Rover for pointing this out.

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Tagged: fun , dogs , Pokémon , pokemon go , walks

These Squirrels Look Like They're Politicians Having a Debate

these squirrels look like theyre politicians having a debate

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Watch a Baby Elephant Take His First Dip in a Kiddie Pool


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Tagged: baby , elephant , zoo , kiddie pool , Video

Minnie the Dancing Frenchie Really, Really Loves Wham!

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Cole and Marmalade Prove That Cats Are the Best Bug Hunters Around


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Tagged: bugs , vs , Cats , Video

Adorable Puppy Tries to Bring in the Newspaper, but It's Just Too Heavy


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Tagged: dogs , puppy , Video , newspaper

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs


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Tagged: dogs , difference , comparison , Cats

Chubby Husky Loves a Good Massage


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Tagged: dogs , husky , massage , funny , Video

Eye of the Obvious


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Tagged: eye , tiger , caption

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