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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

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Squirrel Does the Splits and Immediately Gets a Photoshop Battle and more...

Squirrel Does the Splits and Immediately Gets a Photoshop Battle

squirrel,squirrels,photoshop battle,Splits

How could anyone NOT photoshop this squirrel doing the splits? I mean, c'mon!

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Won't Someone Think of the Dogs!?

wont someone think of the dogs

Submitted by: (via @Kat_Burroughs)

Tagged: dogs , twitter , brexit

When Your Cat Runs out of Batteries

Submitted by: (via Elfie & Gimli)

Tagged: FAIL , vine , batteries , Cats , Video , fall

Birdie Sanders

birdie sanders

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Tagged: birds , bernie sanders

Tons of Dogs Took Over a California Beach for Corgi Con 2016


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Wow, Shark Week Has Really Gone Down Hill

adorable pig in a shark costume at the beach

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Tagged: costume , pig , cute , shark

Have You Ever Seen a Squirrel With Hiccups?


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Tagged: squirrel , hiccups , Video

Timo Can't Stop Watching Videos of Himself


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Tagged: watching , laptop , Cats , Video

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