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Neko Atsume Just Added Some New Cats to Their Game; Probably Trying to Steal Pokémon Go's Thunder and more...

Neko Atsume Just Added Some New Cats to Their Game; Probably Trying to Steal Pokémon Go's Thunder

smartphone,neko atsume,update,video games,Cats

It's been awhile since the Neko Atsume team has updated their addicting cat collector game. You've probably caught every kitty and earned all of the mementos by now, but guess what? YOU NOW HAVE THREE MORE CATS TO OBSESS OVER AND TONS OF NEW TOYS TO BUY! Unfortunately, there's a bug with the iOS version of the update, so it's been pulled from the app store for now. iPhone users may have to wait, but Android users can play right meow! Check out what's new below.

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The Best Place for a Catnap Is on Another Cat, Obviously


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Tagged: Cats , Video , nap , sleeping

The Internet Has a Pretty Good Idea How God Created Animals and It's Hilarious


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Tagged: animals , creation , funny , god , twitter

Cute Duckling Takes His First Swim and Totally Loves It


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Tagged: ducklings , Video , swimming

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day With These Adorable Dachshunds Dressed Like Wieners

hot dog,dogs,adorable,wiener dogs,dachshund,hot dogs,america

July 14th is National Hot Dog Day here in the United States! Sure, you could use today as an excuse to eat a hot dog or you could spend your day looking at these cuties instead.

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Deputies Free Black Bear That Somehow Got Stuck in a Car


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Tagged: bears , stuck , cars , Video

Mama, Play With Me!

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Tagged: dogs , gifs , play , puppy , mama

Humans Aren't the Only Ones Getting More Exercise

humans arent the only ones getting more exercise

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Tagged: caption , dogs , Memes , walk , Pokémon

Playful Cows Have a Bale Rolling Around With Some Hay


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Tagged: cows , playing , hay , Video

This Cat is 100 Percent Anti-Boop

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Tagged: Cats , boop , dont , gifs , sleeping

Baby Fennec Foxes Sure Are Messy Eaters


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Tagged: Babies , eating , fennec fox , Video

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