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Friday, July 22, 2016

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Larry the Cat is Feline Much Better After a Late Night Fight With Palmerston and more...

Larry the Cat is Feline Much Better After a Late Night Fight With Palmerston

larry the cat is feline much better after a late night fight with palmerston

If you aren't familiar with these cats, here's what you need to know: Larry is the Mouser in Chief at the Prime Minister's residence in the U.K. and Palmerston is the Foreign Office cat that lives next door. The two don't seem to like each other very much and British news outlets can't help but cover all of their cat-on-cat drama.

Larry and Palmerston had their worst fight yet the other night and the MiC had to make a visit to the vet. Hopefully they'll be able to settle their political differences soon, before they both get hurt.

If you want to read more about Britain's most famous rescue cats, head over to NPR

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Obviously Pandas Deal With Summer the Same Way We Do: Eating Popsicles


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Tagged: panda , panda bear , popsicle , Video

Husky Refuses to Stop Snuggling Her Human

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Tagged: dogs , snuggle , gifs , husky , no

This Parrot Laughs Like a Villain in a Disney Movie


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Tagged: disney , villains , laughing , Video , parrot

Curiosity Almost Killed This Cat That Got Her Head Stuck in a Grate

stuck,happy ending,curiosity,Cats,rescue

Don't worry - she was rescued in the nick of time and is now back at home in her bed. Yay for happy endings!

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Squeaky Kittens Meow for Breakfast as Soon as They See Their Foster Dad


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Tagged: meowing , kitten , Cats , Video , squeak

When a Pug Catches More Pokémon Than You

when a pug catches more pokemon than you

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SciShow Host Olivia Gordon Explains Why Cats Love Catnip so Much


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Tagged: Cats , catnip , science , Video

Great Dane Hangs Out in the Pool With a Sun Hat and a Floatie



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Tagged: dogs , floating , pool , sun , hat , Video

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