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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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A Comedian Planted Fake Animal Facts All Over the LA Zoo and They Are Hilarious and more...

A Comedian Planted Fake Animal Facts All Over the LA Zoo and They Are Hilarious


Obvious Plant knows that most people love two things: animals and jokes. So he put them together and printed out a bunch of funny and fake animal facts, then he left them all over his local zoo.

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Tagged: humor , facts , zoo , fake , comedy , pranks , funny , animals

The Dawn of Feline Justice Is Now, in Batcat v Supercat


Submitted by: (via Kaipotainment)

Tagged: batman , Cats , Video , superman , win

Watch a Helpful Golden Retriever Shuck Some Corn

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These Two Seem Fawned of Each Other

these two seem fawned of each other

Submitted by: (via jimstr)

Tagged: deer , hugs , fawn

Is This Pig Walking a Cat or Is It the Other Way Around?


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Tagged: pig , walking , Cats , Video

A Selfie Stick Was Finally Used for Something Great: This "Slofie"

a selfie stick was finally used for something great this sloth selfie

Slofie = sloth selfie

Submitted by: (via NicolasHuskar)

Tagged: selfie stick , selfie , sloth

Boxer Pup Teaches Herself How to Use a Pool Noodle


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , swimming , pool , boxer , Video

HoverCat Gets Caught Napping

hovercat gets caught napping

Submitted by: (via retupmoc70)

Tagged: HoverCat , glass , Cats , sleeping

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