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Monday, June 20, 2016

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This Scary Kangaroo Video is the Definition of Nightmare Fuel and more...

This Scary Kangaroo Video is the Definition of Nightmare Fuel

Submitted by: (via Viral Hog)


These Otters Are Having a Better Summer Than You

Submitted by: (via LA Zoo)

Tagged: slide , water , zoo , swimming , otters , Video

This Cat and Deer Have an Adorable Friendship


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Why Do Cats Sleep in Unusual Places? Simon's Cat Finds Out!


Submitted by: (via Simon's Cat)

Tagged: simons-cat , logic , Cats , sleeping , Video

Why Have You Awoken Me From My Slumber, Human?

Submitted by: (via o-ji)

Tagged: vine , owls , Owl , angry , blanket , sleeping , Video

Mah Stick Haz a Delishus Flavr

Submitted by: (via whimsicalwondering)

Tagged: stick , gifs , lick , flavor , Cats

Hedgehog Can't Help but React to Its Human's Loud Farts


Submitted by: (via ant)

Tagged: sniff , hedgehog , reaction , Video , fart

The Third Shot of Tequila is Always a Mistake

Submitted by: (via Tastefully Offensive)

Tagged: dogs , pug , uber , 50 cent , Video

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