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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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This Guy Creatively Recreated Pusheen Stickers With His Own Cat and more...

This Guy Creatively Recreated Pusheen Stickers With His Own Cat

pusheen,stickers,cartoons,french,Cats,pusheen cat

Julien Therrien recently noticed that his cat, Jackie, has a striking resemblance to the popular emoticon Pusheen kitty. Naturally he decided to reproduce some of Pusheen's famous stickers with Jackie as a model. Here are the results.

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Kitten Discovers and Battles a Mirror for the First Time


Submitted by: (via Simon Newport)

Tagged: mirror , kitten , Video

Quick! Get to the Mothership!

quick get to the mothership

Submitted by: (via @BabyAnimalPics)

Tagged: ufo , mother , tortoise , turtle , ship

Chiko the Shiba Inu Eats Popcorn While Watching a Movie


Much corn. So movie. Wow.

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Oh Hey, Whatcha Got to Eat in Deer?

i see you in deer

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Tagged: windows , deer , spying , funny

That Slug Is so Close, yet so Far

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The Death Stare

the death stare

Submitted by: (via MissTurtles)

Tagged: stare , Memes , angry , plotting , Cats

Wow, What a Vicious Rottweiler!

Submitted by: (via that ceia)

Tagged: dogs , vine , rottweiler , funny , Video , derp

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