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Saturday, June 25, 2016

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They're Just as Surprised as the Rest of Britain Right Now and more...

They're Just as Surprised as the Rest of Britain Right Now

theyre just as surprised as the rest of britain right now

Submitted by: (via informat2)

Tagged: britain , Cats , passport , shocked , UK , brexit

A Short Documentary About the Instagram Photographer Behind The Dogist


Submitted by: (via E.J. McLeavey-Fisher)


Honestly, Canada, Now You're Just Rubbing It in Our Faces

canada gay pride moose

Submitted by: (via dutchster)

Tagged: Canada , twitter , photoshop , gay , love , flag , moose

Creative Dad Asks the Neighborhood Squirrels for Help Pulling out His Daughters Tooth


Submitted by: (via Viva Frei)

Tagged: daughter , dad , kids , Video , teeth , squirrel , tooth

It's a Hard-Knock Life out There for the Unheld Kittens of This World


Submitted by: (via sorrowbacon)

Tagged: kitten , Cats , web comics

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