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Thursday, June 2, 2016

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There's a Lady in New York Who Drives Her Dog Around in a Remote Controlled BMW and more...

There's a Lady in New York Who Drives Her Dog Around in a Remote Controlled BMW

dogs,car,new york,luigi,spoiled,bmw

We can't decide if this is a typical thing that happens in New York or if this is the most spoiled dog ever. Either way, it's good to know that Luigi is living his best life.

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Tagged: dogs , car , new york , luigi , spoiled , bmw

This Cat is All of Us Trying to Get Through Life

Mistakes were made.

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Tagged: gifs , falling , struggle , hanging , clothes , Cats

William Shakesbear

william shakesbear

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Watching This Mama Dog Get Reunited With Her Puppies Will Make You Tear Up


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Somebody Needs a Cat Nap


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Tagged: parenthood , parenting , Cats

Watch Kama the Surfing Pig and His Son Ride Some Waves With Their Humans


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Tagged: pig , Hawaii , surfing , piglet , Video

Human, Why You Do This?

humany why you do this

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Tagged: snapchat , onions , broken , Cats

Husky Tries to Wake His Owner but Ultimately Settles in for a Nap Instead


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Tagged: dogs , bed , husky , sleeping , Video

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