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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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The Internet is Obsessed With This Pomeranian-Husky Mix That Looks Like a Fox and more...

The Internet is Obsessed With This Pomeranian-Husky Mix That Looks Like a Fox


Meet Mya, a Pomsky, who recently became very popular after her owner posted a picture of her on reddit. Mya is definitely a unique looking dog. She resembles a fox in some pictures and a wolf in others. You can see more photos of Mya over on Instagram.

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Tagged: pomeranian , dogs , instagram , husky , fox , wolf , pomsky

Husky Loves to Blow Bubbles in Her Water Bowl


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Tagged: dogs , husky , bubbles , Video , omg

This Fist Pumping Elephant Seal Got a Photoshop Battle Worth Celebrating

list,seal,photoshop battle

Skilled photoshoppers really outdid themselves this time. This excited seal showed up on Reddit's PsBattle subreddit so the community there gave him something to cheer about.

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Tagged: list , seal , photoshop battle

Tune Into a Very Important Pursidential Debate with Cats


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Tagged: snapchat , Cats , Video , politics

Never Turn Your Back on a Cat. Especially a Big One.


Submitted by: (via Big Cat Rescue)

Tagged: back , big cats , Cats , Video

This Cockatiel Can Mimic an iPhone Ringtone Perfectly


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Tagged: ringtone , birds , cockatiel , Video , iphone

Rare Red Ruffed Lemur Born at the San Diego Zoo

rare red ruffed lemur born at the san diego zoo

Submitted by: (via San Diego Zoo)

Tagged: aww , baby , lemurs , san diego , zoo , cute , lemur

Adorable Kitten Cuddles Up to a Dog for Some Snuggles


Who says cats and dogs can't be friends?

Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , snuggle , cuddles , Cats , Video

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