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Thursday, June 23, 2016

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The #CatsAgainstBrexit Hashtag Is Taking Over Twitter As the EU Referendum Approaches and more...

The #CatsAgainstBrexit Hashtag Is Taking Over Twitter As the EU Referendum Approaches


If you aren't familiar with the historic Brexit vote that's about to take place, here's the gist: British voters will soon decide if they want the United Kingdom to remain in or leave the European Union. It's kind of a big deal, but who cares what humans think, right? The cats have spoken and they are very much against "the British exit".

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Happy Shiba Inu Swings Its Way Into a Fantastic Photoshop Battle

dogs,doge,photoshop,swing,happy,shiba inu,Reddit,photoshop battle

There's just something about a Shiba Inu's face that is so photoshop-able. Don't you think? To check out the original image and more battle submissions, head over to Reddit.

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Hilarious Talking Dog Has so Much to Say


"Blah blah blah blah blah" -Charlie

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Taking the Cheerio Challenge to the Next Level

alligator cheerio challenge

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David Duchovny Will Donate a Dollar Every Time a Dog Licks Your Face


Well, sort of. Just upload a photo or video of your pet licking your face and use #LickMyFace on social media. For each lick, Duchovny will donate $1.00 to Target Zero, a charity that's trying to get all animals shelters in the United States to be no-kill. For more details, click here.

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Warra, the Orphaned Baby Wombat Has a Serious Case of the Zoomies

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Tagged: zoomies , orphan , baby , Wombat , facebook , Joey , Video

A Pet Grooming Salon in Taiwan Is Responsible for These Hair Raising Designs

pet grooming salon in taiwan does hair raising designs

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Tagged: dogs , pets , haircut , grooming , Taiwan , Cats

Clever Bear Cools off in a Neighbor's Pool to Beat the Heat

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Tagged: twitter , news , bears , california , bear , pool , swim , Video , noodle

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