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Friday, June 24, 2016

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Stray Kitten Interrupts a News Broadcast and Immediately Gets Put on TV and more...

Stray Kitten Interrupts a News Broadcast and Immediately Gets Put on TV


Submitted by: (via WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7)

Tagged: news , kitten , stray , Video , interrupt

House Inspector Finds a Grumpy Floof in Desperate Need of a Home

floof,mango,homeless,grumpy,happy ending,Cats,stray,rescue

Paul Tateosian was just doing his job one day when this golden ball of fluff walked up to him, begging for pets. The house Paul was inspecting had been vacant for awhile, so he knew he had to take this little guy home. Paul, if you're reading this, please name your new cat "Ron Swanson". It's what the internet wants.

Submitted by:


Brexit Voters Must Have Been Distracted by These Adorable #DogsAtPollingStations


Thanks a lot, dogs! -half of Britain, probably

Submitted by:

Tagged: britain , dogs , polling , voting , UK , twitter , vote , brexit

When You Want the Cherry, but You Don't Want to Hurt It


Submitted by: (via Twitterで話題の動画)

Tagged: floof , cherry , sweet , gentle , Cats , Video

Photobombing Skill Level: Total Goober

photobombing skill level total goober

Submitted by: (via loopdeloops)


At Least You Can Say You Made It on the Treadmill This Time

at least you can say you made it on the treadmill this time

Submitted by: (via @EmrgencyKittens)

Tagged: twitter , fat , workout , lazy , treadmill , Memes , Cats

This Koi Fish and French Bulldog Are Like the Romeo and Juliet of the Animal World


Submitted by: (via Carrie Slattery)


There's a New Moose Calf at the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

theres a new moose calf at the northwest trek wildlife park

Submitted by: (via NWTrek)


Husky Can't Quite Figure out How Siri Works


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: siri , husky , confused , Video , iphone

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