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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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Prairie Dog Has to Earn Its Donut Treat With Lots of Exercise and more...

Prairie Dog Has to Earn Its Donut Treat With Lots of Exercise


Now this is how you motivate...

Submitted by: (via BestOfWorldstar)


Much Bed. So Doge. Wow.

much bed so doge wow

Submitted by: (via BangedYourMum)

Tagged: hot dog , dogs , doge , shiba inu

In the Battle Between Hedgehog and Shower Curtain, We All Win

Submitted by: (via loopdeloops)


Mom Cat Finds the Perfect Spot to Get Away From Her Kittens

Submitted by: (via RespectMyAuthoriteh)

Tagged: gifs , box , kitten , Cats

Doggosaurus Rex

doggosaurus rex

Jurassic Bark?

Submitted by: (via TheInward07)


He Gets Really Upset When I Cancel

cant go out watching netflix with my dog

Submitted by: (via My Furry Babies)

Tagged: dogs , Memes , netflix , Popcorn

Attack of the Carpet Monster

Submitted by: (via loopdeloops)

Tagged: gifs , attack , Cats , camera , carpet

What if Dogs Have Been Sitting Like Cows This Whole Time?

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