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Friday, June 17, 2016

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Oh You Know, Just Taking the Dog for a Walk and more...

Oh You Know, Just Taking the Dog for a Walk

Submitted by: (via i124qnds)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , feet , walk , funny

Midlife Crisis Cat Wants to Know if There's More to Life Than Just Cheezburger

i can has midlife crisis

I can haz midlife crisis meow?

Submitted by: (via 4runnerliving)

Tagged: crisis , Sad , concerned , whiskey , bath , Cats

In the Midst of Chaos, One Dog Manages to Stay Focused

Gee, I wonder if the person holding the camera also has a treat?

Submitted by: (via Happy Tails)

Tagged: dogs , swimming , pool , facebook , funny , Video

"Human, Are You Seeing This? Why Aren't You Helping?" -Cat, Probably

Submitted by: (via Sippingin)

Tagged: gifs , puppy , sitting , Cats , funny

What Did We Do to Deserve Dogs?

Submitted by: (via Gregory Baskwell)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , smart , best friend , chores , helping

This Kitten Survived a Three Hundred Mile Ride In the Bumper of a Navy Helicopter Pilot's Car

ride,car,survivor,navy,kitten,pilot,happy ending,Cats

So glad this story has a happy ending! After finding the little kitten in his car, Nick Grimmer rescued her and named her Tigger. Nick is doing his best to find Tigger's real owner, but is planning to adopt her if no one comes forward. You can read their full story here.

Submitted by:

Tagged: ride , car , survivor , navy , kitten , pilot , happy ending , Cats

Guy Finds an Orphaned Coyote Pup and Teaches It How to Howl

Submitted by: (via Tyler Goodale)

Tagged: howl , orphan , coyote , cute , facebook , pup , Video

Much Atsume. Very Neko. Wow.

much atsume very neko wow

Submitted by: (via nu-nus)

Tagged: dogs , doge , Plush , neko atsume , shiba inu

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