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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Kitten Will Stop at Nothing to Get to Her Favorite Puppy and more...

Kitten Will Stop at Nothing to Get to Her Favorite Puppy

Submitted by: (via Thund3rbolt)

Tagged: gifs , puppy , climbing , kitten , sneaky

Talented Snapchat Artist Makes Works of Art out of Cat Photos


Cakes1toDough1 is really, really good at Snapchat. She can somehow take a picture of one of her cats and turn it into a hilarious piece or artwork. It's amazing! If you want to see more of her awesome creations, head over to SnapCakes.com.

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Tagged: cat , snapchat , drawing , art , artist , artwork , Cats , funny

Fame-Seeking Horse Interrupts Reporter Every Time He Opens His Mouth


Submitted by: (via FunnyAvenue)


We've Found the Only Cat in the World That Loves Belly Rubs

Submitted by: (via Jellebol)

Tagged: vine , rubs , belly rubs , Cats , Video

Curious Puppy Tries to Befriend a Patient Sheep


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: puppy , friends , sheep , Video

Smile for the Camera, Pupper!

Submitted by: (via SquidBolado)

Tagged: dogs , gifs , camera , selfie , smile

This Wolf Has the Laziest Howl We've Ever Heard


Submitted by: (via DAKOTA TV)

Tagged: wolves , lazy , howling , funny , Video , wolf

I Can Become Cheeseburger?

i can become cheeseburger

Submitted by: (via @EmrgencyKittens)

Tagged: bed , cheeseburger , maru , Cats

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