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Friday, June 3, 2016

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Bork Shaming is Not Okay and more...

Bork Shaming is Not Okay

bork shaming is not okay

Submitted by: (via browncardigan)

Tagged: dogs , borked , good boy , Memes , lol

The Lonely Island Dudes Need Your Help to Save the Turtles


Yes, these guys are comedians, but they mean well!

Submitted by: (via Turtle Conservancy)


Nyan Cat IRL Then vs Now

nyan cat irl then vs now

Submitted by: (via AbbeNelson)

Tagged: Nyan Cat , Memes , Cats , nyancat , rainbow

Poor Sleepy Pug Just Can't Take a Hint

Don't worry, this pup gets some cuddles in the end.

Submitted by: (via GallowBoob)

Tagged: dogs , pug , gifs , cuddles , sleeping

This is Quite Possibly the Tiniest Deer Ever

this is quite possibly the tiniest deer ever


Submitted by: (via LudovicoSpecs)

Tagged: baby , tiny , deer , squee

Here's the Scientific Reason Why Calico Cats Are Almost Always Female


Submitted by: (via Today I Found Out)

Tagged: calico , science , Cats , Video

15 Years Later

dogs,growing up,friends,parenting

Submitted by: (via zeroXTC)


Cats and Dogs Are the Silliest Sleepers and This Video Is Proof


Submitted by: (via Kyoot Animals)

Tagged: pets , cute , sleeping , funny , Video , animals

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