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Saturday, June 4, 2016

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A Russian Ship Hired Cats to Make Their Cruises More Popular and more...

A Russian Ship Hired Cats to Make Their Cruises More Popular

And it's already working! To find out more and to see photos of the kitties in action, visit the VODOHOD Facebook page.

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Tagged: russia , cruise , sailor , facebook , Cats , Video , boats

That's Gonna Leave a Stain for Sure

someone spilled their hamster on the couch

Submitted by: (via raven)

Tagged: spilled , couch , Memes , lol , hamster

Lucky Humans Train Their Tiny Fennec Fox to Sit


Submitted by: (via Foxes and Friends)

Tagged: fennec fox , cute , training , squee , Video

The Internet Couldn't Help but Photoshop This Derpy Bighorn Sheep

horns,photoshop,bighorn sheep,sheep,Reddit,funny,derp,photoshop battle

It's hard to believe the original photo in this PsBattle isn't photoshopped itself! It's just that strange. Why so derpy, sheep?

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Ringo the Baby Rhino Walks a Little Girl to School


Submitted by: (via bonbender)

Tagged: school , rhino , kids , cute , walking , Video

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