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Thursday, June 30, 2016

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These Shark-Cat Illustrations Are Both Fascinating and Terrifying and more...

These Shark-Cat Illustrations Are Both Fascinating and Terrifying


Brynn Metheney is a concept artist and illustrator that's come up with something truly incredible: Shark-Cats. Or as Brynn likes to describe them, "Disney Princesses Reimagined as Cats Reimagined as Sharks That Are Not Disney Princesses." Yeah, we don't know either.

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Tagged: cat , drawing , art , sharks , shark , illustration , Cats

Itty Bitty Puppy Meets Big Dogs in This Squee-Worthy Clip


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Tagged: dogs , puppy , tiny , great dane , squee , Video

Can You Solve This Cath Problem?

can you solve this cat math problem

*Cath = Cat Math, duh!

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Tagged: box , Cats , math

Enjoy This Magical Footage From a Goat Beauty Pageant in Lithuania


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Tagged: content , goats , beauty , Video

Never Ask a Tiger to Choose Between Cats or Dogs


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Tagged: cat , dogs , tiger , meme , caption , szechuan

Farm Dog Babysitter Watches as Little Goats Battle it Out


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Tagged: Battle , dogs , goats , cute , farm , Video

When You Wanted a Dog, but Got a Cat Instead

when you wanted a dog but got a cat instead

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Tagged: dogs , snapchat , good boy , Cats

Fleece Throws are Basically Treadmills for Snakes! Who Knew?


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Tagged: fleece , blanket , python , funny , Video , snake

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