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Friday, May 6, 2016

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What a Cool Cat! and more...

What a Cool Cat!

what a cool cat

Submitted by: (via George Leddick)

Tagged: twitter , flannel , clothes , Cats , funny

Captain Ameowrica: Civil War

captain america cat

Submitted by: (via ReflexEight)

Tagged: Memes , captain america , Cats

Is It Summer Yet?

Submitted by: (via funkodactyl)

Tagged: dogs , pug , vine , swimming , Video

All Computers Should Come With a Box.. Oh, Wait. They Do.

box cat trap next to computer

Submitted by: (via dailypicdump)

Tagged: snapchat , box , trap , computer , Cats

Farley Lets You Know He Wants a Treat by Doing Something Adorable With His Paws

Submitted by: (via Farley the Cat)

Tagged: paws , treats , adorable , vine , Cats , Video

Alligator Takes a Nice Stroll Through a South Carolina Neighborhood


The neighbors weren't too thrilled.

Submitted by: (via Associated Press)


Coachella Kitten Loves Snapchat Filters

coachella kitten loves snapchat filters

Submitted by: (via Snailvomit)


A Lucky Duck Has Been Using a School to Raise Her Ducklings


Skip to 1:03 for the sweet duck story!

Submitted by: (via ABC News)

Tagged: news , school , ducks , Video

Baby Cheetah Lets Out a Big Roar

Submitted by: (via DcNally)

Tagged: katy perry , cheetah , vine , roar , Video

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