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Monday, May 30, 2016

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Wally the Long-Haired Bunny is Basically a Stuffed Animal Come to Life and more...

Wally the Long-Haired Bunny is Basically a Stuffed Animal Come to Life

stuffed animal,instagram,pet,rabbit,bunny

Wally lives in Massachusetts with a lovely human named Molly. You can follow all of their adventures over on Instagram.

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Bearded Dragon and Cat are Quite the Dynamic Duo

bearded dragon and cat are quite the dynamic duo

Charles the dragon and Baby the kitty aren't just brother and sister, they're best friends. How cute are they!?

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On the Internet No One Knows You're a Monkey


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Tagged: monkey , laptop , Video

Suckers. He Probably Would Have Done It for Free!

he probably would have done it for free

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Skateboarding French Bulldog Shows off His Moves


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Notorious Crow Tries to Steal Evidence From a Crime Scene


Canuck the crow has quite the reputation in Vancouver. The little thief recently tried to steal a knife from a crime scene and cops had to chase him down to get it back. Clearly the crow felt it needed to take justice into its own claws.

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Tagged: cops , Canada , knife , thief , crow

Sleepy Baby Elephant Won't Wake Up Without a Push


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Tagged: baby , elephant , Video , sleepy

Playful Cat Just Wants to Hang Out in the Sink All Day


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Tagged: sink , Cats , Video , playing

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