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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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This Scooter Riding Boston Terrier Will Blow Your Mind and more...

This Scooter Riding Boston Terrier Will Blow Your Mind

And he's wearing shoes!

Submitted by: (via Ghost_Animator)


Chipmunk Gets Caught Taking Birdseed and Promptly Returns All of It


"That's... kinda gross"

Submitted by: (via Not for Fun)

Tagged: caught , stealing , chipmunk , Video

What Do You Have to Tell Me, Goat?

what do you have to tell me goat

Submitted by: (via funkybug)

Tagged: button , goats , story , funny

These Animal Mouth Mover Masks Are Strange and Hilarious


Submitted by: (via Vat19)


This Boy and His Dog Both Have Dwarfism and Could Not Be Happier to Have Found Each Other

boy and dog both have dwarfism so happy to find eachother

To learn more about Quaden and Buddy, visit the Stand Tall 4 Dwarfism Facebook page.

Tagged: aww , dogs , dwarf , kids , friends

Go Where No Human Has Gone Before: Inside a Box With an Adorable Kitten


Submitted by: (via Suri Noel)

Tagged: box , kitten , Cats , Video

Owl Let You Decide Which One Is the Bird and Which One Is the Apple

owl looks like an apple

Submitted by: (via StillbornFleshlight)

Tagged: lookalike , owls , Owl , apple

Mama Kitty Cuddles Her Adorable Newborn Kittens


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: kitten , Cats , Video

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