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Thursday, May 12, 2016

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This Otter Has Some Impressive Rock Juggling Skills and more...

This Otter Has Some Impressive Rock Juggling Skills

Submitted by: (via _TheChainsOfMarkov_)

Tagged: gifs , rock , juggling , otters , otter

Watch a Trio of Adorable Kittens Drink Their Breakfast


Submitted by: (via MrsArtAngie)

Tagged: bottle , baby , milk , kitten , Video

The True Story Behind Those Vintage Baby Animal Photos


Harry Frees is the photographer responsible for these legitimate old time-y portraits of kittens and puppies that you've probably seen somewhere on the internet. He began dressing animals in tiny human costumes all the way back in 1905. You can imagine how hard it must have been to take a clear photo of hyper kittens with a camera back then! You can read more about his story over here.

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Angry Wombat Eats Corn and Farts on Camera


Submitted by: (via BBC)

Tagged: corn , Wombat , angry , bbc , Video , fart

Running Away Has Never Looked so Good

local dog too cool for town

Submitted by: (via hand)

Tagged: cool , dogs , Memes , lol , Breaking News

This Cat Could Be a Gymnast


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)


Dis Mai Pizza

kitty wants pizza noms

Submitted by: (via AniaDziu)

Tagged: pizza , Cats

Meet Blakely, the Australian Shepherd That Works at a Zoo


Submitted by: (via Great Big Story)


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