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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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This Gerbil's Reaction to Being Betrayed is Why You Shouldn't Tease Your Pets and more...

This Gerbil's Reaction to Being Betrayed is Why You Shouldn't Tease Your Pets


Submitted by: (via Timika Toney)

Tagged: treats , gerbil , Video , betrayal , hamster

People Are Making Neko Atsume Goodies For Their Real Cats and It's Awesome

IRL,neko atsume,crafts,Cats

We'll add more to this list as we find them!

Submitted by:

Tagged: IRL , neko atsume , crafts , Cats

All Puppies Should Have Newborn Photoshoots, Not Just This One

dogs,photography,puppy,photoshoot,newborn,golden retriever

Rowan is an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy who will soon take over the internet with this incredibly precious newborn photoshoot. We're dying of cute over here.

Submitted by:


Duckling Loves Bath Time and It Shows

Submitted by: (via Watarimono - iFunny :))

Tagged: vine , ducklings , ducks , bath , Video

Dalmation Pup Can't Figure Out Why the Cat Doesn't Want to Play


Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: dogs , dalmatian , Cats , Video , playing

Just a Couple of Cats Playing Patty Cake

Submitted by: (via SlimJones123)

Tagged: gifs , patty cake , Cats

The Tables Have Turned for This Cat Getting Chased By a Rat


Submitted by: (via The JamaicanGamer)

Tagged: rat , chase , Cats , Video

It's Like Looking Into a Mirror

its like looking into a mirror

Submitted by: (via TheMatchHead)

Tagged: double , kitten , twins , Cats

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