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Friday, May 27, 2016

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Temptations Wants You to Believe That They've Invented a Talking Cat Collar and more...

Temptations Wants You to Believe That They've Invented a Talking Cat Collar


It's kind of brilliant, really.

Submitted by: (via temptationsbrand)

Tagged: jokes , talking , Cats , Video , collar

Look at These Adorable Baby Capybaras

look at these adorable baby capybaras

Submitted by: (via Belfast Zoo)

Tagged: Babies , capybara , zoo

Go Camping, They Said. It'll Be Fun, They Said.


There won't be lions licking your tent- actually, they didn't say that part.

Submitted by: (via Derick Clegg)

Tagged: lions , camping , licking , Video

Elephant Falls Asleep Whenever Her Caretaker Sings a Lullaby


Submitted by: (via elephantnews)

Tagged: elephant , lullaby , sleeping , Video

Exclusive Footage From the Next Indiana Jones Movie

Hey, we'd watch it.

Submitted by: (via Prairiedogpack)


Cat Gets Scratches so Good, It Has a Vietnam Flashback


Submitted by: (via Pilow Tek)


Instant Best Friends

instant best friends

From the Fort Worth Zoo's Facebook page: "As he gets older, Gus is exploring more and more of the world around him, which includes encounters with new friends like Braylee of Fort Worth." 

Submitted by: (via Fort Worth Zoo)

Tagged: kids , zoo , gorilla

Friday is Always Better Than Monday

friday is always better than monday

Submitted by: (via 511Sinto)

Tagged: lolcats , FRIDAY , mondays , caption , Cats , mouse

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