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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Munchkin Cat Goes Crazy for Her Favorite Toy and more...

Munchkin Cat Goes Crazy for Her Favorite Toy

Submitted by: (via AdamE89)

Tagged: excited , gifs , toys , Cats , playing

These Fabulous Dogs Are Ready for the Kentucky Derby


Our friends over at Rover have dressed up their office dogs in stylish Derby-worthy hats and captured the cuteness for the rest of us. Take a look!

Submitted by:

Tagged: dogs , kentucky , derby , hats , rover

Squirrel Taunts a House Cat by Hanging From Its Screen Door


Submitted by: (via Seth Koberg)

Tagged: teasing , squirrel , Cats , Video

Creative Horse Clipper Turns Coats Into Works of Art

creative horse clipper turns coats into works of art

Melody Hames is a horse clipper. Her job involves giving horses haircuts and she's started to get very creative with her work. You can check out more of her designs over on Facebook.

Submitted by: (via JMC Equestrian Custom Clipping)

Tagged: hair , hairy , art , design , horses , horse

Pickle the Pig Loves Belly Scratches


If scratching your pig with a fork is wrong, we don't want to be right.

Submitted by: (via Rumble Viral)

Tagged: scratching , fork , pig , belly rubs , Video

Officers Respond to Reports of a Suspicious Vehicle Only to Find a Bunch of Happy Dogs

officers get doggy surprise on suspicious call

From the Independence Police Dept's Facebook page:

"Yes, this really happened today! Each day is different for a police officer but this definitely doesn't happen very often. Officers were dispatched to 23rd and Harris to assist Animal Control on an unusual call. Someone thought it was suspicious when they saw about 20 dogs in a car. It turned out that these rescue dogs were all well taken care of and just on their way to a dog show. They are all trained and apparently have their own special talents. Some of the little ones are still in training and only know how to give kisses."

Submitted by: (via Independence Police Department)

Tagged: dogs , cars , facebook , police

Cat-atonic Kitten Seems More Like an Otter During Bath Time

Submitted by: (via StillbornFleshlight)

Tagged: gifs , water , kitten , bath , sink , Cats

The NOAA Captured Footage of a Stunning Jellyfish


Submitted by: (via oceanexplorergov)

Tagged: ocean , jellyfish , Video

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